Notary Services in Ligonier, PA

Tobias Tag & Notary is Ready to Help with Your Notary Needs

When you need quality notary services in Ligonier, PA, make the call to Tobias Tag & Notary. If you own a vehicle, you need licenses, license plates, and registrations. If you are buying a home, you may need loan closing notary services. Our office is a PennDOT authorized service center, and can help with these matters. We can help you get your license plates, updated registration, other DMV forms, and more.

Our office also has the right paperwork for finishing off your real estate sale process. Count on our professional staff to examine the paperwork you need done so you get why you need. Veterans in Westmoreland County, PA area and beyond are eligible for $5 off any tag service. Call us at (724) 238-7564 today for an appointment. We also offer mobile notary services for a small fee.

Helping You Get the Items You Need for Your Motor Vehicles

Sometimes license plates need updated. Your registration could be due for renewal, and other motor vehicle issues pop up. Keep your vehicle legal to drive on the road as we get you the right documents. We have the DMV forms necessary to get the paperwork necessary.

We will help you get in-transit tags, new licenses plates, registration cards and more. If you need a disability placard, we carry the right disability placard applications. We can also provide in-transit tags so you can keep your vehicles on the road. Our services also include your recreational vehicles, too. We are proud to provide ATV & Snowmobile Processing for your outdoor adventures. This will help you know where you can travel with them.

Real Estate Loan Closing Notarization to Finish Your Property Sale

Getting real estate loan closing notarization is important. This allows you to finish your property sale and mortgage transaction. This is where having a qualified notary public is important. We will verify that the paperwork is accurate including for parties and witnesses that apply.

This process gives you protection against potential fraud keeps agreements binding. Give yourself the peace of mind knowing the transaction can finish the right way. Give yourself safeguards as you look to buy your new residential or commercial party. Contact us today!